The Perils of Social Promotion: When Should Kids Fail?

It’s the beginning of a new school year. Teachers are returning to classrooms, kids are getting backpacks ready, and class rolls are being generated. It’s a scene that is repeated all around the globe every school year.

Another thing that happens around the globe every school year is the injustice done to children who are allowed to progress to the next grade when they are no where near grade level. Of course, there can also be injustice done when a child is retained in a grade level. So what do we do? That, my friends, is the conundrum we find ourselves in repeatedly. Continue reading

Teach Like a PIRATE Book Review #tlap


This seems to be the summer of reading… wait, aren’t all summers summers of reading? No, hold on, reading is always good, summer or not. ¬†Well anyway, enough of that. Recently, I finished a great book by Dave Burgess,¬†Teach Like a PIRATE. Let me tell you, it was a treat.

Now, let’s start out with the nitty gritty. Yes, the word PIRATE is all in caps. That is intentional. Work with me here and we will get to that.

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