Make Teamwork Matter with @Quizlet Live

We are all looking for ways to keep kids engaged. We know that kids must collaborate. We know that ‘sit and get’ doesn’t work. The question often comes up of how to actually make that happen in a real classroom… Enter Quizlet Live. Continue reading

Kahoot! Your Classroom! A Great Way to Engage Your Students

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.25.09 PM

Get Kahoot! It’s a game… no, wait, it’s a learning tool… yep, it’s both! We were introduced to the greatness of Kahoot! at the Mississippi Educational Computer Association (MECA) conference last year. Instantly, we saw the benefits. It has completely changed the way we review topics in class.

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Easy Ways to EdTechinize a Classroom

Yes, I created that word…. EdTechinize. (well, I think I did at least) Lately, several people have made statements along the lines of how difficult it can be to bring technology into a classroom where there has never been tech before. More than a few fellow teachers have asked about easy ways to start to try bringing it in, so, VIOLA, here you go. Continue reading