Book Review: The Chromebook Classroom by John Sowash


Are you considering rolling out Chromebooks in your school or classroom? If so, then this book is a great starting point. Chromebooks are great devices for the K-12 environment. John Sowash has done a great job putting together a sort of how-to book for implementing them. Continue reading

The End of Molasses Classes Book Review

end of molasses classes

You know, if a person were to decide to make a summer of reading professional books in hopes of finding inspiration and ideas, they would choose well. This summer, so far, I have chosen well. Over the past few weeks, I have reviewed a few really good educational books, by some really great authors. This time around, I asked around on Twitter and was asked to review The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark. I had already read this book back in 2012 when I first got it, but it had been some time, so it wasn’t so fresh in my mind. I decided to give this book a go, and am glad I did.

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