DriveSlides by @alicekeeler and @jmattmiller

So I was perusing Twitter and saw that Alice Keeler and Matt Miller published an extension for Google Chrome. I have followed the two of them for some time, and have even reviewed their books, 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom (review) by Alice Keeler and Ditch That Textbook (review) by Matt Miller. Seeing this extension pop up, I just had to take a look. Continue reading

Heading to the Polls with Google Classroom

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Google Classroom has been steadily improving since it’s release almost two years ago. What started out as a solid, but still pretty basic way to deliver/manage content with students is growing into a powerhouse. The best part, what Google does with it is based in large part on what we, as educators, want and need.

Google has had the ‘Ask a Question’ feature for a while now… and that feature just got better. Continue reading

Google Classroom… a few little tips.

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My school year is under way. I understand that many districts around the nation, and the world, are not in session right now, but that time is coming, so be ready.

This is my second year using Google Classroom, and my third year being a paperless classroom. The experience has been a learning lesson the entire way. This year is no exception, but if we aren’t learning, what are we doing?

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Getting to know Google Classroom

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It’s summer break for many of us. It’s the perfect chance to experiment with new things. Schools are making the change to including more EdTech. Some districts more slowly than others, but in general, we are getting there. Talking to teachers at conferences and presentations, we often hear the same reasons for not using more technology… Continue reading

50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom by Alice Keeler and Libbi Miller


I had intended to read this one through the weekend, but to be honest, it’s a quick read, and I was rather into it, so I stayed up and finished it last night. Now, I need to preface this review with something… Continue reading