#LessonUP Questions

Here are the questions for the #LessonUP chat on Oct. 29, 2015. All prior questions can be found in the #LessonUP Archive section.

Please share a lesson plan you have, even if it is incomplete. tinyurl.com/lessonUP
Use the add on menu at tinyurl.com/lessonup to create a shared doc automatically. Jot down an idea for a lesson on the doc
What is it that Ts hope to accomplish using PowerPoint? Is it effective? Why or why not?
What are some alternatives to using Power Point? How is that more effective?
Power Point has been around forever. Does it still have a place in the classroom today?
Many teachers are hesitant to go away from PP for various reasons. What are those reasons, and how should we respond?
What are some specific ways we can help Ts get away from PP? What have you done to make the switch easier?
Does PowerPoint help or hinder student learning? Explain.
What other topics would you like to see discussed as a part of #lessonUP in the future?

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