Make Teamwork Matter with @Quizlet Live

We are all looking for ways to keep kids engaged. We know that kids must collaborate. We know that ‘sit and get’ doesn’t work. The question often comes up of how to actually make that happen in a real classroom… Enter Quizlet Live.

Quizlet Live is a tool that allows teachers to create (or select from already created) sets of questions/terms and have students sorted into teams to attempt to correctly ‘answer’ them. This, you may say, does not seem all that impressive.., however, Quizlet has done a great job of putting a few little twists in there to make it exciting.

First off, if you don’t already have an account at then head over and create one now.  Yes… now.

Ok, now that you have done that, go ahead and create an account. Now you can start creating study sets. This is when you get to create the terms/questions that your students need to know.

After you have created at least 12 items, you can have students play Quizlet Live. You can have as many items in the study set as you like, but the game still only goes to 12 points.

To begin the game, head to you account, click the study set, then click the LIVE tile.


Click the green CREATE GAME icon.

Now the screen will tell the students to head to They will also get a game code to enter to ensure they make it to your game. The final step for the students is to enter their name.

Once all the players are in the game, go ahead and click START GAME.

Now the game is off and running. The students will get an screen that looks similar to this:

Now, here is the cool part. The members of the team have to discuss and collaborate to decide who has the correct answer. The trick is that the correct answer only appears on one persons screen. This is a great way to ensure that kids are working together, discussing, and working toward a common goal.

A little wrench they threw into the works. If a team misses a question, they lose all of their points. The first team to 12 points wins, so the kids can’t stand losing their points.

Having a larger question set helps to ensure that different groups get different sets of questions. Not that students may have a tendency to “borrow” answers from other teams, but sometimes, they borrow answers from other teams. Larger question sets also helps in that the set can be replayed and not necessarily have the same questions each time.

Overall, we have found Quizlet Live to be a great addition to our classroom. It creates a great competitive environment where students are actively engaged. Give it a try!

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