How to Show Changes and More on Maps


Showing students how landforms change has been a challenge for some time. Let’s face it, there is only so much we can do with maps and pictures. Now, with Earth Engine by Google, this has never been easier.
If you have ever tried to explain how things used to look, you understand exactly what I am talking about. Now, using Google Earth Engine, we can view changes in landforms and water pretty much anywhere on the planet.

What a great way to kick off a science discussion about global warming. Or perhaps in social studies you want to show how cities grow. This takes care of that. This is shown for the last several years using the time lapse feature of Earth Engine.

There are other datasets as well, such as high resolution images. There are night time light images, and more.

It’s a great tool for those willing to explore and tinker a little. I have used time lapse in my classroom, and the kids absolutely love seeing the changes that happen around them.

Head on over to and check it out.

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