Want to Turn Things Around in Class? Flippity Them


Teachers are always looking for simple ways to make things happen in the classroom. At a recent day of professional development, I picked up a little gem.

Flippity.net. Flippity allows teachers to import a Google sheet to create a variety of items ranging from progress monitors to game boards.

One of the ones I rather like is the progress monitor. This allows you to display a graph indicating whatever you have in the Google sheet. I like the idea of using it to display progress in reading, be it number of books, pages, AR tests taken, etc.


Another neat tool is the flashcard tool. This does exactly what it says, creates flash cards. Now, I am not a huge fan of flash cards. My personal belief is that pretty much everything that goes onto a flash card is DOK 1, however, DOK 1 does have a place in the classroom. Kids have to understand at the most basic level before we can take them to those higher DOK levels we should all strive for. The key here is not to spend much time on DOK 1. This would be a great tool to show kids how to create their own flashcards at home to study.


Probably the most useful for every teacher across the grade levels is the random name picker. Now, this is not just a name randomizer like we are used to. This will actually randomly create groups as well as randomly generate a student name to call upon. Think of it as beefed up popsicle sticks. (and you don’t have to worry about knocking them over)


So, if you have not had a chance to check out flippity.net, head on over and check it out. Thanks to @efitz_edtech at EdTechTeam for bringing this little gem to my attention!

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