Ipevo Wireless iZiggi HD Document Camera

wireless iziggi

Document cameras are useful. As a teacher, they are great for displaying a book, student work, etc. The only drawback has been that you must have the camera in close proximity to your computer…. Not anymore.

Ipevo has a document camera that loses the wires. That’s right. No longer are you tethered to the computer. Several weeks ago, Ipevo graciously sent us a iZiggi Wireless document camera to review. Having used the standard Ipevo iZiggi camera (reviewed HERE), I was anxious to give the wireless camera a try.

I can tell you this, I was not disappointed. Resolution was great. Setup was a breeze. The only thing I found that I actually had to look up was how to keep internet connectivity, since the camera uses your wifi connection to connect the camera to your laptop. A little looking around provided the solution (LINK– go to page 10)

Now, to test out the wireless part of this little camera. The iZiggi wireless made it easy to wander the room with the camera, allowing students to show their work from their desks. I could set up anywhere, and not be tied to a podium, this was nice. But, I wondered, just how far could this little guy go? So, I put it to the test. I had a student leave my classroom and carry the camera down the hallway, and we watched his progress in the classroom. He easily made it 50-60 feet before the video became choppy, and finally froze up. That is through walls, doors, etc. I was impressed.

This is the second Ipevo product we have had the pleasure of reviewing, and I must say, this company has their game on. For $159 you can pick this up and have a great quality wireless camera. The design is simple, and easy to use. Overall, it is pretty lightweight (although heavier than the wired version). It’s a great deal, and does a great job. I can see this being useful in a variety of subject areas. English, science, math, or any other subject where you might want to display something from a surface to the screen. Special education classrooms can benefit because you can use this to send video to an iPad, allowing students to enlarge text, etc. You can record video and take snapshots. Overall, this is a versatile camera I am glad to have in my classroom.

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