Scheduling Blog Posts in WordPress

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Everyone knows that there are times that are best to publish blog posts. You can look at your own blog stats/analytics and figure out when the best time of day is to post. The issue arises when the best time to post is when you can’t really post. The solution is an extremely simple one.

So, assuming you are using WordPress for your blog, the process is extremely simple. First, write your post… as I am right now. In fact, it is currently 5:23pm here in Mississippi. Now, I know that 5:23 is not even close to the best time for my blog to get traffic. In fact, I tend to get a good chunk of my traffic in the morning, usually around 10-11am.

Knowing when I get traffic helps me decide when is the best time to post content. After writing your post, simply click the area on the right side of your WordPress editor and click EDIT next to where it says “Publish: Immediately”, as shown below.

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Next, select the date and time you wish your post to publish.

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Click the OK button, and you will see that instead of your post being published immediately, it now indicates that the post is scheduled for the time you selected.

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There… that wasn’t so difficult now, was it? Now, when the article published automatically, if set up correctly, it will auto-publicize as well, sending notifications to your Twitter feed, Google +, LinkedIn, etc.

So, get blogging, and if someone decides to wonder how you manage to post when driving down the road, working, or mowing the grass, point them to WordPress, or leave them mystified… either way might be entertaining.

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