The Power of Mediocrity

Mediocrity. It’s one of those things that we all have an opinion on. Some of us think we have an opinion on it, only to learn that how we think we feel is not really how we feel at all once the rubber hits the road.

It’s incredibly powerful, mediocrity. Much like Olivander says of Voldemort in Harry Potter, “… terrible but great…” ┬áThink on that for a minute.

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Tennis Debate: Civilized Debate Without the Yelling

We had the opportunity to go spend a day at the Ron Clark Academy. One of the teachers we got to see was Mr. Wade King. We were looking forward to seeing the staff of the school in action, as we do things in much the same way… well, we thought we did. I guess we still do, just not to the same level, we have to be concerned about neighbors and noise.

One of the techniques we saw in action was what Wade called Tennis Debate. I taught this to my kids last week and it went extremely well. Continue reading