@CommonLit Launches Resources for 3rd and 4th Grades!

CommonLit.org… let’s be real. If you teach upper grade level ELA, you know about them. They have always been a great resource for teachers to utilize in their classrooms. For the basics on what CommonLit can do to revolutionize learning in your classroom, check out THIS post. I currently teach 7th grade English. I have been blessed with great content from them for quite some time. I used to teach 3rd grade… I was not so blessed. Great news! Teachers in 3rd and 4th grades now have great resources on www.commonlit.orgContinue reading

The Perils of Social Promotion: When Should Kids Fail?

It’s the beginning of a new school year. Teachers are returning to classrooms, kids are getting backpacks ready, and class rolls are being generated. It’s a scene that is repeated all around the globe every school year.

Another thing that happens around the globe every school year is the injustice done to children who are allowed to progress to the next grade when they are no where near grade level. Of course, there can also be injustice done when a child is retained in a grade level. So what do we do? That, my friends, is the conundrum we find ourselves in repeatedly. Continue reading

Product Review: @Ipevo Interactive Whiteboard Short Pen

As you may have figured out, I am a big fan of Ipevo technology for the classroom. I have had great luck with the products, having very few issues. What few issues I have had, Ipevo was quick to work out and solve for me.

I have used the Ipevo Interactive Whiteboard for a few years now, and have been incredibly pleased. The one thing I sometimes hear people comment is the size of the pen. Now for me, being an English teacher and a heavy reader, I don’t mind the pen feeling more like a wand, after all, one never knows when they might need to conjure up a patronus. Continue reading

Teaching Internet Safety with @NetSmartz Sponsored by @clubpenguin

Internet safety is one of those things that is always evolving. If you are old enough, think back to the mid to late 1990s. Internet safety was hardly a thought. It was an effort to get on the net, and things moved at a snail’s pace compared to today. Now, our kids are connected almost everywhere they go. They need to have the knowledge and tools to deal with this new found freedom. NetSmartz, a program of the National Council for Missing and Exploited Children, is a great resource.

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Putting the Pieces Together with @EDpuzzle

As educators, we constantly look for new ways to present content to our students. Finding great, engaging ways to do this can be a challenge. For those willing to dig, explore, and/or create, there are some hidden gems out there. EDpuzzle is one of those gems.

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13 Reasons Why We Need to Remember, Kids are Kids.

First things first. Go to Google. Type the number 13 in. Yeah, you saw that correctly, assuming it is still the same as when I posted this blog. I get the above for the most searched for phrases. Is this scary to anyone other than myself? I hope so. Continue reading

Up Your Reading Game with @commonlit

Reading is fundamental. We know this, the challenge is finding resources to use to help teach fundamental skills to our students. We like a variety of resources/tools to use to help engage students. Some of them hit the mark, some of them miss, and some you wonder if they are worth the effort. Commonlit.org is one that certainly hits the mark.

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Are Universities are Harming Education?

This one is probably going to ruffle a feather or two. Heck, maybe the whole bird. Upon reading the title, one might wonder how a university can hurt education. Well, let’s delve into it a bit.

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Make Teamwork Matter with @Quizlet Live

We are all looking for ways to keep kids engaged. We know that kids must collaborate. We know that ‘sit and get’ doesn’t work. The question often comes up of how to actually make that happen in a real classroom… Enter Quizlet Live. Continue reading