How to be an AMAZING teacher!


If you teach, you probably want to be known as being that “amazing teacher” on campus or in your district. It is an admirable desire for teachers to have. I mean, what could possibly be wrong with wanting to be that teacher who kids remember for a lifetime? So, what does it take to be that teacher? Continue reading

Ipevo Wireless iZiggi HD Document Camera

wireless iziggi

Document cameras are useful. As a teacher, they are great for displaying a book, student work, etc. The only drawback has been that you must have the camera in close proximity to your computer…. Not anymore.

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Why the Whys Matter More Than the Whats


Whys and Whats… it’s all about the whys and the whats. For years, decades, centuries even, teachers have regularly engaged in dishing out the whats… giving fact after fact. My question is, does it really matter? Continue reading

Heading to the Polls with Google Classroom

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.00.34 AM

Google Classroom has been steadily improving since it’s release almost two years ago. What started out as a solid, but still pretty basic way to deliver/manage content with students is growing into a powerhouse. The best part, what Google does with it is based in large part on what we, as educators, want and need.

Google has had the ‘Ask a Question’ feature for a while now… and that feature just got better. Continue reading

Scheduling Blog Posts in WordPress

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.18.51 PM

Everyone knows that there are times that are best to publish blog posts. You can look at your own blog stats/analytics and figure out when the best time of day is to post. The issue arises when the best time to post is when you can’t really post. The solution is an extremely simple one.

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Does Competition Have a Place in the Classroom?


Tis the season of the testing, falalala la la la laaaa. (yes, sing it to the tune). Let’s face it, testing is real. We can all sit on our high horses and say what we want about state testing, common core testing, or whatever brand of testing you happen to give… but it is a fact of life. With testing comes a certain sense of competition. The question, however, is whether or not competition has a place in the classroom. Continue reading

Writing… as punishment… really?


In all my years of teaching, I have seen a wide variety of disciplinary strategies. I have even been a part of some that, looking back, were probably not the best way to deal with things. As one grows as an educator, one learns. We can only hope that what we learn is what is best for kids.  Continue reading

Newsela and Google Classroom, Finally

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.47.49 PM

Newsela. If you have not heard of them, you have been missing out. Google Classroom, yet again, if you’ve missed out on the greatness that is Classroom, I feel for you. Now, the two have finally almost become one… or at least, they work very well together. Continue reading

The Importance of an Audience


Can I get your attention please. Please… everyone… attention please. If you find yourself repeating something along these lines often, then odds are, your audience isn’t all that into you, or more accurately, what you have to say.

Students, believe it or not, have the same issue. I truly believe that students want to write. The problem, they don’t always want to write about what you want them to write about. How can we really know what level our students are writing on if they don’t really care about what they are writing?

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